Press Release Update- Moccasin Tracks and Audio Books

Moccasin Tcks Cover

Book Four. First an apology for neither the publishers nor I catching the release date not being changed here on the main website. Should have happened weeks ago. Second–apologies again, but unfortunately Book Four is NOT out yet–so sorry to all (and frustrated myself)…things are still not wrapped up on the distribution side, in terms of anyone being able to get any of the books anywhere, anytime (though we are close to the last chains getting their systems updated) and yep–to be truthful the events of the past few months–truck and ongoing house wreck have taken a time toll, too–on the other hand, if I can get this house (see pics here and Facebook) somewhat back together I can finish book five, which will get those releases hopping in short order between them! We will keep you posted (unlike the last several weeks!) and will set a firm date for Four and Five the minute we have them. No change on Six!!


Now, for good news…Yep–the audio books!!!  And they ROCK!! Book one to be released May 15…book 2 in editing now, 4 to 6 weeks later, book 3, 4-6 weeks after that, book 4, 4-6 weeks following! And so on! Available in digital downloads at all your favorite outlets, AND–as far as we can tell–first time for audio books anywhere in thumb drives , including special packaging–the deluxe, credit card sized and ready for all devices anywhere–EXCITING! More info, some great audio clips coming your way over the next two weeks–keep your ears (literally!) to the track!  🙂

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  1. Chelsea Fryman says:

    Are there any updates as to when we might have the pleasure of book four? I am excited to continue the series!

  2. Rod Brewster says:


    My wife met you at a Barnes & Noble last Christmas (2014) and bought me Threads West for Christmas. You signed the book and noted that I wouldn’t be able to read just one. Naturally, I was skeptical and told my wife that that simply was not true … and I was wrong. So now that I’ve read all three, I’m waiting for Moccasin Tracks and can’t seem to figure out when and where it will be available.

    Maybe you can help …

    Thanks – Rod Brewster (Lakewood, CO)

  3. Scott Bridges says:

    As you predicted I can’t read just 3. I am really looking forward to the release of book four. I hope to meet you at the Eastern Idaho state fair if my work schedule allows for that. One year ago my wife bought the first three books there for me and you signed all three I hope to get the fourth booked signed as well

  4. Gary L. Stewart says:

    To whom it may concern. Please change my email address in your database. It recently changed along with my address: 12842 Cedar Circle
    Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103-2242

    I’m looking forward to receiving Moccasin Tracks in the very near future.


  5. Are we ever going to get #4 Threads West book???? No new e-mail with an update in quite awhile!

  6. Terry Taylor says:

    Really missing the series! Blew right thru the first 3 books and have been patiently waiting for the 4th and the 5th. Winter is coming and I would certainly like to have them. Not many great book series out there right now. I have to admit that you have done a good job with developing the characters. Easy to identify with them.

    Bought your first 3 Threads West books in Golden, Colorado in summer of 2014. Met you then. All three are signed. Would certainly like the next books signed too. Any Chance of that when they come out!

    Terry Taylor
    Clovis, Ca.

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