It was spring 2008. Two weeks after I was notified by the shippers that the desk was on its way, it arrived. I’m positive they heaved great sighs of relief. A local service with a small truck able to negotiate the dirt road to the house unloaded the huge crate.   With great care it was placed in the garage. I was thrilled. I waited until evening, however, to open it. A smile creased my face as I took up the crowbar and began. As the last piece of wood fell away so did my smile. To my dismay it had two broken legs and sat askew in a pile of bubble wrap and prop studs.

The desk made its journey back into town where it was repaired by a master wood-worker. It was returned to the garage in November that same year. To get it into the house, however, would constitute some detailed orchestration. Recent back surgery prevented my participation. So, I corralled my son and a few of his friends. With a padded reach-lift it made the trip to the third floor balcony. Then they ‘walked’ it through the door and into the study.

The final ironic twist in this drama is that due to the aforementioned surgery I can’t sit for long periods of time (see previous blog, “Contrary to the Image”). My desk has become the place where I launch my ideas and write my outlines. I have re-named the ornate Scribner’s piece the “Idea Desk.” It serves the function with perfection. Finally.

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  1. Bill Deane says:

    Thank you for the inspirational words you’ve put together on this attractive website. It all breaths honesty and forthrightness.

  2. Good Day, Mr. Rosenthal. I listened to your warning last night about Agenda 21, on Coast2Coast, and I felt myself getting dizzy in unbelief. I’ve been seeing what our corrupt and power-mongering govt has been doing for years now. There is so much evil going on in the dark and too many Americans have no idea or are suffering from Ostrich Syndrome. This Agenda to steal land away from American Citizens to force rural residents back into urban for control is numbing. I have no hesitancy to believe this evil is going on like a silent, slithering serpent. it’s still shocking. I’m almost 70 and was raised in a far, far, far different America when she was still sane and held to moral values. I wish but have not had the luxury of home ownership and after your speech/warning last night I may never. I hate Calif and I heard you mention that this is not a state to own property. I was thinking maybe if ever possible to go to northern AZ as they seem committed to defending the borders against illegals. More insanity in my country and I’m Hispanic background. I’m reading more on this Agenda now and trying to alert others. Thank you for the headsup. As a Christian, I’m still in prayer that the Lord’s coming for His church will take place before America has been brought down by this present darkness in power. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Reid says:

      Thrilled that the agenda 21 dark arts have caught your attention, Patricia. do spread the word. Maybe suggest to coast to coast a follow-up—-we barely dented the topic. head on over to (my am radio show archives). ..check em out–your hair will curl–and thee shows on agenda 21. listen to the executive order shows, too. all tied in. It is indeed evil–brilliantly executed and cloaked in warm fuzzes to disarm and distract us. check out Cass sunstein (Obama regulatory czar–wife Susan powers now UN ambassador) on his books and his theory of nudge–imperceptible creep to socialism/communism/control–not noticed til too late. don’t give up on that property dream. dreams are but the precursors of reality. and get out of ca–the train wreck has occurred–just has not hit the end of the tracks just yet–but soon. blessing back at you.

  3. JW says:

    Not being able sit is a common response to injuries or surgery too. I went to see a myofascial release therapist who had her training with a John Barnes of Arizona–the guy who is the top instructor and creator of the most effective type of myofascial release. she is a licensed Physical Therapist, so the insurance covers. MFR therapy addresses scar tissue that can be even as small as what surrounds cells, also around muscle fibers. Great results! Just a thought…and good luck with everything you’re doing. I first heard of you thru the newsletter from Steve Harrison.~JW

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