Traction: The Pen Is Rolling!

It seems, at times, that authorship is a bit like a 4wd pickup headed uphill in sand. The wheels spin, the engine revs, and the truck shudders, but progress is almost nil. After a year of web-sites, blogs, short stories, not to mention countless edits, it seems as though I am gaining a bit of traction.  I find the process of work and storyline generation to be as much mental as emotional or mechanical. Perhaps it is the advent of spring. It could be the excitement generated by the completion of the first book of the Trilogy, Summits.  Or should I say near completion of the first draft.  More sand.

The romance trilogy has been in process for nearly a year.  Set in the contemporary west, the ending of Summits leads into the rough-and-tumble second book, Canyons.  Both are full of intrigue, love, passion, and deception.  Just as my co-author and I found ourselves wading through manuscripts we came up with the brilliant idea of writing some history to these stories.  Thus the ‘Three-quels’ came about.  These novella’s weave the threads of two primary families together into a saga that expands over three generations.  The Three-quels and the Trilogy are rich with a myriad of intrigue and  complex characters of both genders.  Knee deep in sand.

With the first of the Three-quels nearly complete we continue with the next two.  Book covers for Summits, Canyons and the first two of the Three-quels are almost ready (preview soon!).  Work continues on Summits, and is just commencing on Canyons.  Outlines for the next of the trilogy, Plateaus, is finalized, as are the outlines for the last of the novellas.  Our agent posed this question the other day:  “What about the sequels?”  Quicksand!

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  1. Kathryn Nusbaum says:

    Have you written Moccasin Tracks? I can’t find it anywhere.

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