Summer Musings


The soft cool breezes of brilliant hued sunsets. A warming promise of golden dawn stealing down canyons filled with the scent of sage. My daughter’s laughter and the smell of horse sweat and leather as we ride the trails.

High ridge tops, emerald green valleys below and white-capped peaks reaching to a brilliant blue sky above. Sunlight glistening down the riffles of the rivers and the noisy ‘slurp’ of a big old brown trout sipping down a well placed dry fly.

My muscles strain against the drift boat oars, the hiss of my son’s fly-line past my ears as he casts from the bow of the boat.


It’s all good.

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  1. Wow. How I stumbled across this fine author I’ll never truly understand. And the best part…we once knew each other in a far away land in a further away time: I in college, he a successful developer…Congratulations on so many levels Reid!

    • Reid says:

      What a great blast from the past Becky :-)…and seems you are reading Reid’s reads? Laughing–life does take strange turns and twists. So, how have things been with you all these years, and if you are turning the pages, share what ya think 🙂 Thanks for writing!!

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