We promised you an update on the release dates of the upcoming books of the Threads West Series. This is it!

The book industry is complicated. There are hundreds of steps involved in producing a book, then getting it to the shelves and into the hands of readers. The experience is an eye-opener. Ironically, the journey of a story from a writer’s mind to his or her pen, the paper, and finally print and e-books that […] Read more »

Howdy Threads West Readers!

We know from emails, Amazon messages, and social media posts/messages that many of you received notice in the past few days from the dot coms, including Amazon, to the effect your preorder of Books 4, 5, and 6 have been cancelled and the books are “no longer available form the source”. Don’t fret–just part of the process […] Read more »


It was spring 2008. Two weeks after I was notified by the shippers that the desk was on its way, it arrived. I’m positive they heaved great sighs of relief. A local service with a small truck able to negotiate the dirt road to the house unloaded the huge crate.   With great care it was placed in the […] Read more »

The Writing Desk

My business desk has always been rather southwestern in style, not that anybody would know. You can’t see any part of it because of the piles of paper stacked everywhere (see Getting Organized). Though it fit into the overall décor of the house it seemed at odds with my vision of the perfect desk on which to […] Read more »