When I reached the end of the block I stopped the vehicle and sat for a minute or two. I purposely wiped thought from my mind, and blocked the ever present sounds of town around me.  I closed my eyes and just felt, sensed. A wolf sniffing the wind. I pulled a sharp U turn […] Read more »


Somewhere between the Pawnee and Fort Collins I stopped the Bronco. I took off the ill fitting soft top that had replaced the one blown off a year before and poured the last of the coffee from my almost new Stanley thermos. Still, forty years later, it remains my primary hot java carrier. I sped […] Read more »


The Pawnee National Grassland is a spectacular immense expanse of high prairie. Sculpted cliffs and ledges polka-dot folds of prairie grasses that undulate into apparent infinity. Here and there are green oasis of cottonwoods and willows gently nurtured by springs that bubble clear and cold to the surface. Tiny streams wind serpentine through secret mini […] Read more »


It is rare that I venture anywhere without a camera. It is with a grudging reluctance over the past few years that I use one of my digitals with it’s variety of lenses. My favorite remains, however, the old SLR’s, particularly the ancient Canons with the old German glass. My poor photo gear has been […] Read more »