Moral Courage and D-Day

By Newt Gingrich The challenge of the Normandy landing and the courage it took to win are vividly displayed at Pointe du Hoc, the steep cliff Army Rangers scaled to take out German artillery that endangered an entire beach. President Ronald Reagan captured their courage in a 40th anniversary speech about “the Boys of Pointe […] Read more »

The Characters Speak

Many have inquired as to the characters in the books. What is their origin? Are they purely imagination, or do they portray real people? Is there some formal protocol used by authors in the creation of the personalities, mannerisms, thinking, conflicts, and goals? I have discussed this with a number of writers far more accomplished than I. My […] Read more »


I have received many great questions from my readers. One recurring query is what really inspires me to write. I have pondered that for the last several months and perhaps subconsciously for many years. My writing series and the “Why I Write” piece on this site answer only part of the inquiry. My thoughts thus far have […] Read more »

Honing Skills

If one is to be proficient in the pursuit of profession, goals, or even simple passions, honing skills is a necessity. Hopefully it is also enjoyable. Practice, research, and association with others engaged in similar pursuits are all invaluable. Generally these interactions stimulate, provoke, and incite imagination. They get you juiced! I make it a point to attend several […] Read more »