Saga of the Sage Brush Christmas

I have just returned to Montana from a several week jaunt between my home on the Wyoming Ranches and our spreads in Colorado. I am eagerly looking forward to our annual “Christmas tree undertaking”. I do not recall exactly when this family tradition originated up on the Montana Ranch, but it has become one that […] Read more »

Across the Generations

Jordan’s wedding was special in many ways.  I watched with satisfaction and wonder the smiles, pleasure, and sharing of joy of three generations of two families linked by marriage, the land, and the cute chubby presence of Jace, the bubbly progeny who is the incredibly cute product of a bit of all of us. It is these images that remain with me […] Read more »


“Grandpa”. The word seems foreign, the reality surreal. I look in the mirror. I don’t look like a grandpa. Somehow the features that gaze back at me bear no resemblance to my mental image of a silver haired, crinkled, oldster with a slight tremor and large smile who proffers gifts to beloved grandchildren. However, it is a […] Read more »


Last year at this time, Rhett was co-captain and one of the nucleus of five seniors that had been teammates for years. I secretly thought this just might be Sheridan’s finest football team in over a century. At the beginning of the year, Rhett was enthusiastic, optimistic, but not quite a true believer. Having watched […] Read more »