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  1. Quincy Daniel OrHai says:

    Hi Reid,

    I just read the first Threads West book, and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the good work and inspiration. Nice to see an author get his facts straight, especially about historic weapons. Of course you have the advantage of being pretty close to the Cody museum…

    I didn’t know if I should point this out to you until I googled Reid Lance Rosenthal Jew, and got this photo: .

    We are supporters of Chabad here in Bozeman and I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to meet our Rabbi Chaim here, but if you’re ever passing through please do, and stop by our ranch too.

    You’ve probably heard this one, but – What do Jews and cowboys have in common?

    We like to wear our hats indoors.

    Anyway, when you have Rueben tumbling Gretchen at a Prussian Sukkot in Threads West page 110, you set it in the springtime. Actually Sukkot is always in the fall, right after Yom Kippur. Like, in a few days from now…

    Probably just a typo.

    I enjoyed the read and I just ordered Maps of Fate.

    Stop by for a cup of coffee sometime when you’re passing through. We have run a little goat ranch here for over thirty-two years, just east of Bozeman.

    Keep ticking those keys, and don’t forget to check your cinch!

    L’shanana Tova and Shalom,

    Quincy Daniel OrHai, Bozeman, MT

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