Steam into Summer at Wild West Day

Steam into Summer at Wild West Day at the Colorado Railroad Museum! Saturday, June 22, come purdy and packin’ for a fun-filled day of steam train rides, robberies and shootouts, trick shooting and fast-draw contest. Meet famous and infamous characters from the Old West: Buffalo Bill, Doc Holliday, Annie Oakley, Wyatt Earp and more! Meet national western award-winning author Reid Lance Rosenthal! So, let off some steam and make tracks to the Colorado Railroad Museum!


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  1. I heard you on C2CAM the other night, I didn’t know you were a celebrity.
    DB. 9862 North Hwy 34 Preston, Idaho. (Neighbors?)

    • Reid says:

      I am laughing, Don, and great to hear from you! Nope–not a celeb, just trying to open eyes to some clear, present and very very real threats to our property, rights, and liberties from many directions on many levels. It is these rights and freedoms which were the lure to many– like the characters of Threads West– from uncommon cultures and differing origins and for which our ancestors and the brave men and women who live in the pages of the Threads West series fought these last few centuries. I would hate to see them evaporate on our watch. How are things over Idaho way?

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