Across the Generations

Jordan’s wedding was special in many ways.  I watched with satisfaction and wonder the smiles, pleasure, and sharing of joy of three generations of two families linked by marriage, the land, and the cute chubby presence of Jace, the bubbly progeny who is the incredibly cute product of a bit of all of us. It is these images that remain with me tucked securely in a corner of my brain, extricated from time to time to be examined, enjoyed and then returned for safe keeping.

Parents and grandparents have known one another for years.  That is the way of small communities.  This was the first time, however, that the great grandparents had met.  The great grandfathers beamed, their weathered countenances wrinkled in tanned smiles.  The great grammas were radiant.  They all shared time, space and conversation as if they had known each other for all of their combined almost 350 years of life.

There was a one time, once in a lifetime energy to it all. Good. Positive. Right.  I wish to all of you that same experience.

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