I have received many great questions from my readers. One recurring query is what really inspires me to write. I have pondered that for the last several months and perhaps subconsciously for many years. My writing series and the “Why I Write” piece on this site answer only part of the inquiry.

My thoughts thus far have delved mostly into underpinnings of my personal, emotional and spiritual inspirations for putting pen to paper. I thought it might be fun for my readers and beneficial for me to do a series on my ‘sticks and stones’ of story line origination, choice of characters, plot, and stage which I am convinced also varies from author to author.

These blogs, the “Inspiration Series”, will present introspective thought on the origination of personalities, conflicts, and romantic twinings.  This set of writings will also explain how I originate the continuously unfolding dramas of love, hate, enmity, friendship, principle, and skullduggery which course through the Three-Quels and Trilogy in a constant flow of interactions, intrigue and locations.

Hint! Authors far more accomplished than I have often told me ‘Write what you know’.

Perhaps I have taken this sage advice too literally. The characters, western landscapes, attitudes, actions, and twists of the stories and plots are based on my deep reservoir of actual experiences with people, relationships, events, ranches, and locations throughout the west.

The people and events depicted are spiced with reality and nurtured in fiction.

To be continued…

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