It is rare that I venture anywhere without a camera. It is with a grudging reluctance over the past few years that I use one of my digitals with it’s variety of lenses. My favorite remains, however, the old SLR’s, particularly the ancient Canons with the old German glass.

My poor photo gear has been rolled on by horses, accompanied me on various fishing expeditions and been forgotten and then retrieved on cold snowy ridges during elk season after long return hikes. A few unfortunate pieces have even taken a swim with me when I lost my footing and drifted and tumbled down some river somewhere in North or South America. Thank God for great repair shops!

I am fascinated by the varying styles of different photographers and disparate aptitudes certain artists have for a range of subject matter. My sister takes terrific pictures, with a knack for capturing the essence of people and objects. Another friend of mine, also a superb shutterbug, excels in pictures of animals.

I am a landscape photographer. That flows, I suppose, from the affinity I have always felt with land. The energy that radiates from landscape has always a touchstone for me. (See “Landscape as an Image”)

The photo section on this site was promised some months ago. (OK OK, so I am a bit tardy!) It is now going up and I hope that you enjoy them.

There will be a number of pages, each with its own theme, landscapes, sunset/sunrise, and rainbows. These frames will include just some of my many favorites from wild and remote places in the mountain regions (and occasionally the coast) of two continents over the last 38 years. These will be offered for sale and changed out from time to time. If you wish to purchase, specific instructions will be up on the photo pages shortly. But whether or not you buy, I hope that maybe, just maybe these images convey at least a small portion of the energy of the magical moment at the instant the shutter snapped. Most of all, it is my wish they make you smile.

To be continued…

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