Getting Organized

I have always wanted a space dedicated to writing with a large desk and a great view.   I imagine it void of un-necessary clutter that may interfere with my creative process. This is in sharp contrast to the reality of my business office.

The space I fondly call my office is where most of the ranching business transpires. I have dubbed the current method I use for filing The Pile System. There are stacks of papers everywhere, on chairs, on the floor, the desk, shelves and in boxes. Most people would term this as an affliction of some kind. I consider it a genius idea. I don’t waste money on file cabinets or computer programs. What is really remarkable is that I can generally pull the correct piece of information from any heap at any time. Although it takes most by surprise at first, they soon learn not to touch a thing lest they invoke my wrath. At the age of fifty-five the process by which my office functions is not going to change. This old dog isn’t going to learn any new tricks.

So, with my vision of a warm, inviting and creative space in mind I spent the time to get organized. I reduced the clutter in the upstairs study. Several assorted family photos and two stuffed antelope heads wait to be hung. A box of memorabilia sits in the corner along with an old stereo vintage 1970’s. The scene is exceptional. There are vistas of foothills, ponds, aspens and the carefully manicured lawn that I water all summer long. Deer and elk wander through on occasion.  It’s quite the neat and tidy work space. I am ready for my desk!

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