A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

That’s right!  It’s incredible, it’s true, and it has happened to you, or should I say to me?

I have been looking over this site for the past week or two, thoughtfully rubbing the stubble on my chin, thinking to myself “something’s missing”  Sometimes the simple and obvious is so pronounced one misses it looking for a greater meaning

What has been missing is photographs.  The site is well done, tastefully layed out and designed as only our webmaster, Deborah, can do.  But I wanted something pleasing to the eye. It needed some cha cha cha!  In the next few weeks we will be adding photographs in most every category of this site.  I hope you find them representative of the topics that we discuss. Many of these photos will be available in an upcoming 2010 Calendar.  Watch for future announcements on this site.

Here is one just for fun! Let me know your thoughts.

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