Soon to be Empty

My daughter is blessed (some would say cursed) with the same aggressive, don’t back down; make your own independent way as I. Needless to say, until the time she departed the house on her own life journey, she and I had our moments. My son, too, is a strong forceful personality imbued with the classic traits of a Leo. As with my daughter, despite the overwhelming joy, excitement, and pride there was more than one occasion that father and son did not see eye to eye.

Now that Jordan’s ship of life is under full sail and Rhett has set his sights on athletics and academics the proverbial Cuckoo’s Nest is going to be empty. I’ve occasionally skimmed the articles about the ‘empty nesters’ with an amused and somewhat cynical attitude. How can anybody complain at not having to nag about homework, juggle 10 loads of laundry a week, and never having to be out of milk again? Did I mention the procrastination on ranch chores? But now I am one, and I’m not altogether sure I enjoy the quiet that makes the high ceilings, warm log, and rough textured stone of the house feel empty.

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